Raya Al Maskari Scoliosis Story.

My name Is Raya Al Maskari I was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis when I was 11 a double major curve 45 - 25 degrees.

Had physiotherapy here for 2 years the curve was getting worse and more aggressive the right thoracic curve reached 78 degrees, the left lumbar curve was about 65 degrees .

I was having a hard time walking and my heart and my right lung were twisted and thier capacity was getting weaker within time, had some other complications with my abdomens, the curviture of the spine resulted a severe shoulder blade and rib cage deformity.

The double curves reached a point where surgery was the only option I had.

Doctors rejected my case, as it was too severe for them to handle, I got a chance to go to France and get the surgery done there By Professor Maurice Bergoin.

it was in 2 stages.

First surgery where I had a partial resection of the sixth rib. and had some bone grafting of the five intervertebral spaces with rib fragments.

Second surgery where two platinum rods and sixteen clips were fused into my spine. It took me almost a year to recover.
the curve was stabilized to 47 degrees and 45.

I'm 31 now living almost a normal life I don't have any nerve damages, I'm looking forward to offer support and help to all scoliosis warriors and spread the awareness in Oman.

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