Tariq Al Shaibani Scoliosis Story.

I first discovered my scoliosis when I was 16. Actually, it was my friends at the gym who have first noticed a hump on my back which made me to have it checked out by a doctor. When I discovered my scoliosis it was around 40° degrees thoracolumbar Scoliosis. 

It was a complete shock to me. I did not know what to do, and I was told the only treatment I have was surgery. Fortunately, I was advised to schedule an appointment with Dr Graham in Dubai who would be able to provide me with a Boston brace. However, once Dr Graham saw my case he had advised that I see an Orthopedic surgeon as I was at a stage where surgery is needed. After consulting with the Orthopedic surgeon, we agreed we will try out the Brace and closely monitor if my curvature progresses. I wore the Boston brace for almost a year until my bone growth stopped, lowering the risk of further progression of my curvature.

Around a year after I found about my Scoliosis. I chose to start doing something about it, to aware others. So I opened up a Facebook page/group called Scoliosis Awareness in Oman which started to get bigger & bigger. The aim was to find others who have Scoliosis and aware those who don't. 

As the years progressed, my disease got worse, I was in extreme pain. My back muscles would go numb to a point where I can't stand anymore. I knew that if I go to the hospital, surgery would be recommended to me. I researched online continuously and found about a treatment called CLEAR, after communicating with one of the founding directors, he recommended me to go to Dr Will Kalla in Singapore for treatment. And I did. As my X-rays show, my scoliosis got much better. My pain was reduced to the minimal and my life went back to 'normal'. Since then I have set a mission to not anyone go what I went through, to ensure that everyone is entitled for the best treatment and support for Scoliosis. 

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